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If you're happy and you know it... // TUTORIAL 03

I think this time we'll do a more complicated icon, but it's basically how I do a lot of my icons nowadays.

Beginning: Beginning Terra Tutorial

End: End Terra Tutorial

First, what you'll need to do is duplicate the base twice. The first of which, set to Color Dodge at 100%; the second of the bases, set to Screen at 100%; and the last base, set to Overlay at 100%. Here's what each of them looks like after you're finished with each step:
Beginning Terra Tutorial   -->   Color Dodge   -->   Screen   -->   Overlay

Let's put the text on it now so that the text will have its coloring. For this icon, I wrote, "You think you've won" in 18th Century (available for download at The size is 8 pt in bold.
Text added
Keep the font in all caps because the letter "s" comes out funny with it. These two layers ("You think" and "you've won" in two different layers) should be at Normal at 100%.

I'm not too fond of the colors at this point, so create a new layer filled with the color black (#000000) set to Color at 100%.
#000000 Color

Now the icon calls for some color. Take this pattern from dearest:
gender pattern
And set this layer to Overlay at 100% so it should look like this:
Overlay Pattern

It's almost done! To finish off the icon, use this gradient from crumblingwalls:
(set at 135 degrees) and put it at Hard Light at 50%. After you finish that, you should have a finished icon!
End Terra Tutorial
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